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Set up for Dart Wars on P-Day
Set up for Dart Wars on P-Day

Come Listen To A Prophet’s Voice


Conference weekend is always a great experience. Hearing from the Lord’s Prophet and Apostles fills us with new insight, hope, and spirit. I’m happy to hear that my family got together and got to attend a session at temple square! That must have been an amazing experience.

I’m pleased to report that last week’s April Fools joke worked out perfectly. As my dear companion was in the shower, I fabricated a package to him from his girlfriend, copying her handwriting on the box from a package she had sent a few days before. I filled it with a 30 lb weight, some cucumber gatorade (an abomination), and various drawings announcing his short while left in the mission field. I sealed it up and hid it in the closet, where the Zone Leaders took it later and stashed it in their house. When we were all over there, they pulled it out as though they had forgotten to give it to him earlier. He picked it up, astonished at the weight, and proceeded to open it up. When he saw the dumbells, he seemed to ponder what his girlfriend was trying to tell him. Then he saw the gatorade and understood why we were filming him. He took it very well, and all seemed to be forgiven when I gave him the real package she had sent.

We’ve been visiting a young couple, and when we went over on thursday, they introduced us to the husband’s younger brother, who had been asking them to call us and invite us over. We had a lesson with the three of them, and the next day taught the brother about the Plan of Salvation. He recognizes the Holy Spirit from the way he feels when he turns down drugs from his peers, and is progressing very well. We love teaching youth that have a small testimony and a greater desire to become more like the Savior.

We visited a man in the ward who owns a hawk. We pulled out a frozen quail and perched the bird on his arm while he talked to us. We did our best to focus on the conversation as feathers, blood, and eventually legs and innards flew around the famished foul. It wondered if the man ever went out in public to find drops of blood on his white shirt. Apparently he hasn’t had that problem yet.

The time is flying here, and i’m trying to appreciate that i’m probably in the coolest area (temperature-wise) of my mission before I move to somewhere hotter than the desert. I’m thankful for the letters and the prayers on behalf of myself and the rest of God’s Army!

-Elder White

“Obedience to the Law is Liberty”
-L. Tom Perry

Tumblin' Tumbleweed

Tumblin’ Tumbleweed

Oh, this was your pet quail? Hawkward.

Oh, this was your pet quail? Hawkward.

Set up for Dart Wars on P-Day

Set up for Dart Wars on P-Day

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